Udelar teaches for the first time a subject using virtual reality, together with Quantik Lab

Based on this experiment, the academic results of three groups of students will be measured and analyzed: one group will study in person, another through Zoom and the third through virtual reality.


For the first time in the country, an experiment with this new technology was carried out during a semester at the Faculty of Economics and Administration (FCEA), with the support of Quantik Lab, our research and development area.

In the second semester of this year, an unprecedented experience for the University of the Republic and Uruguay began: the Accounting in Integrated Management Systems group received virtual reality cases for their classes.

The proposal arose from the joint work of FCEA and Quantik Lab teachers and marked the first initiative of this type in public education. In the private sector, other similar experiments had already been carried out, although of shorter duration, at the tertiary and high school levels.

What is the modality?

The group of 14 students taking the course was divided into three groups. The modality of the experiment consisted of one group attending in person, another through the Zoom platform and the third in virtual reality format, using helmets for both the students and the teacher. With the helmet, they were able to see and hear the teacher at the same time as they could see the PowerPoint presentations and other modalities.

During the semester, indicators will be obtained from each of the classes and the results of the research will be published at the beginning of next year. The objective will be to analyze the links between education and new formats of virtuality, which are increasingly available and evolving. 

In principle, the modality will be given in this period, since it is a research project submitted to the Sectorial Teaching Commission.



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