Who we are

Quantik is born

In 2021 we will integrate our brands under a new name to continue building the future together with our customers, as we have been doing for 40 years.

As a brand, Quantik emerges to continue turning technology into performance and potential, from Uruguay to Latin America and the rest of the world.

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What do we do?

We transform organisations by creating superior connected experiences.

Why do we do it?

To simplify people's lives.

How do we do it?

We provide technological solutions through a synergic group of companies guided by a strong, human and transforming spirit, capable of facing the most complex technical challenges.

Where are we going?

Together with organisations, we want to create a digital future that generates a leap in quality of life.

Our history

Our origins date back to 1979, when the Uruguayan domestic appliance manufacturer TEM S.A. created the Communications division, dedicated to the sale of private telephone exchanges.

In 1985, the Communications division was taken out of TEM S.A.'s orbit under the name Isbel S.A.; it kept its employees and customers and carried out its activities in its own space. It was the birth of a new brand.

During the following years, the company grew and developed in Uruguay, driven mainly by the commercial alliance with Panasonic, which allowed it to achieve a good market penetration in the small and medium-sized business segment.

The 1990s brought the first major projects, including the 1991 Antel Guide Reports call centre, the first of many such projects to follow.

The 2000s are years of diversification and internationalisation.

The commercial alliance with Northern Telecom (Nortel), together with the birth of Forward, one of the most successful proprietary products in the company's history, led Isbel to transcend Uruguayan borders. Thus, implementations are carried out in dozens of countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In 2003, the range of products and services was expanded: the launch of Synapsiswas created, giving rise to the Isbel Group.

In 2012, the first subsidiary was formalised in the Dominican Republic as a base of operations in the Caribbean, while in Uruguay the company is involved in major projects of national scope.

2016 saw the birth of the group's internal innovation core, called Isbel Labs. Hey Now, a new in-house product, was born.




In 2021, in the context of the company's overall transformation, all the group's brands are reorganised under the Quantik name.

Equipment and processes that build trust

78% of our team members consider us a great place to work.

All our processes are ISO 9001 certified.

Culture and human capital

We are committed, professional, ethical, warm, approachable and courageous.

We are known for innovating and thinking big, to face ever bigger and more complex challenges.

These are our values

The best result is achieved by the sum of all of us: we enjoy the successes of the team. We are able to build trust, and for that we need to be fair, honest and competent. We are open to recognise our mistakes and learn from them.

We demonstrate our interest in generating quality experiences that exceed expectations. We go the extra mile to ensure that our clients see the best version of us. We are convinced that every minute counts.

We are masters of our destiny. We celebrate our successes and accept our failures. We are convinced that each person builds the best place to work every day.

Our horizon is a better future. We dare to have dreams and work to make them come true. We direct our energy towards issues we can solve, to confront pales and distance ourselves from negative comments. We engage in permanent building dialogues, look for opportunities and spread energy.

Acquiring new skills every day is part of our DNA. We challenge our environment and ourselves to be better. We understand that part of our job is to transform our tasks to make them more efficient and effective. We embrace change with enthusiasm, without scepticism. We risk making mistakes, but we do not fear failure, we fear stagnation.

We learn every day from everyone. We have confidence in ourselves. We ask ourselves: how can I improve today, how can I contribute more to the team? We believe that there are always higher levels of knowledge and performance, and that is why we evolve towards the future.

We are ethical and work with integrity. For us, meeting our objectives means respecting legal standards and regulations, both national and international. We express ourselves without fear and respect the opinions of others, even if they do not coincide with our own.

Do you want to be part of Quantik?