We partnered with Newlab to launch an innovative sustainable mobility project

The program will start in 2024 and proposes that those who provide delivery services through platforms such as Pedidos Ya can change the traditional internal combustion motorcycles for electric ones with interchangeable batteries.


Quantik Lab, our innovation center, and Newlab, the multidisciplinary technology center based in New York, are developing an innovative sustainable mobility project, a pioneer in Latin America.

This initiative is the result of a year of joint work between the two technology centers, and its main objective is to reduce the environmental impact generated by the traditional internal combustion motorcycles used for delivery tasks, and proposes to change to a system of electric motorcycles with interchangeable batteries. This approach, in addition to promoting the decarbonization of these logistics operations, improves the working conditions and tools of those engaged in this activity.

In order to materialize this project and promote the energy transition in the quick commerce ecosystem, Pedidos Ya is a key partner as a leading company in the fast delivery sector. The pilot plan will be deployed in Montevideo, with battery exchange stations strategically located in high-demand areas in the Centro, Parque Rodó, Pocitos and Buceo neighborhoods.

The program is projected to begin operations between March and April 2024.

How does the battery exchange system work?

This system allows users to exchange batteries in a matter of seconds at stations located in different parts of the city. They leave the discharged battery and take a full one to continue working. This is a simple process that gives drivers virtually infinite autonomy and does not require waiting time for battery charging.

The project seeks to offer an "as a service" solution : for a single weekly payment, the delivery man will be able to have a motorcycle, make all the battery exchanges he needs without any additional cost, and the costs of the license plate, insurance and regular maintenance of the vehicle will also be included. In other words, an all-inclusive rental.

In parallel to this service, the program also aims to sensitize workers in the sector on the impact that polluting vehicle emissions have on the city and people. They will also be given guidelines on financial concepts that will help them to better understand the convenience of the use of electric vehicles. For workers, in addition to the various advantages offered by this system, it will be a savings factor in the future.

What are the characteristics of the project?

From an Innovation Studio in association with Newlab to test the business model, a pilot will be launched that will include between 60 and 80 electric motorcycles and 6 to 8 battery exchange stations strategically located in different neighborhoods of Montevideo. In addition, the goal is to generate new pilots that will form the necessary ecosystem for the expansion and replication of the model in other countries in the region.

About Newlab

Newlab is a technology innovation center born in 2016 in Brooklyn, New York. It drives sustainability, technology and hardware projects, seeking to collaborate with companies and organizations to address and develop transformative solutions.

About Quantik Lab

Quantik Lab is the area of the Quantik Group dedicated to research and development (R&D). Its objective is to foster and mature the creation of new products and technologies, which can then be scaled. Ideas for exploring new topics come from both customers and partners.

Today, he conducts research on metaverse, internet of things, electric mobility, customer experience and smart cities.



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