We are Great Place to Work 2022!

The climate survey that certified us as Great Place to Work 2022 was completed in December.


In December we completed the climate survey that certified us as Great Place to Work 2022, which includes all the brands of the Quantik family: Isbel, Synapsis, Qubox and Hey Now.

great place to work 2022

The Great Place to Work 2022 methodology

To certify companies, the consultancy uses opinion surveys in which it consults the employees of each organisation.

The surveys consist of 60 standardised questions. They analyse the work experience in the company taking into account the characteristics of each location, such as size, workforce composition and industry.

In 2021, Great Place to Work adapted its methodology to take into account the context of the pandemic, and companies' efforts to care for people and their operations were especially measured.

How did Quantik fare?

According to data emerging from Great Place to Work 2022, 76% of respondents consider Quantik to be a great place to work.

This puts us above the average for employees of companies in the market (63%).

Some of the aspects highlighted by our teams were: 

  • Equal treatment regardless of hierarchy and race (96%).
  • The feeling of team spirit and horizontal communication. Some of the most repeated words in the survey are companionship, working atmosphere and team.
  • The flexibility of the company to accommodate cases where people need to be absent from work for personal reasons.

Other results indicated that people feel that their work is relevant and that they are given responsibility for it (86%), as well as that they feel physically safe in the work environment (95%).

On the other hand, the pride of belonging by seeing the things we achieve (84%) and the process of welcoming people into the organisation (91%) stand out.

Find out our 2021 results and our ranking position here.

About Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work® is a global research, consulting and training organisation dedicated to the study of workplace climate and helping organisations identify, create and sustain great workplaces through the development of trust-based work cultures.

For more than 40 years, GPTW has been ranking the best companies to work for. It takes into account criteria such as the credibility of its leaders, respect among its employees, the working environment and opportunities for growth.



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